Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for The Mjolnerd is basically just a guideline of how to use this website. It is still under construction, but there are a few things I want folks to know before they start getting crazy here! 


-The Mjolnerd is a journalistic website that respects the integrity of other websites like it. As such, it will never publish any content not explicitly written for the website. I also expect the same courtesy. Any evidence of plagiarism of The Mjolnerd’s content will be met with immediate contact to either have said content be taken down or attributed to the original writer. Let’s not let it get any further than that.


-The Mjolnerd is a website that’s basically about (awesome) toys. So, let’s keep in mind that not everyone coming here is a hardened man or woman like yourself. I’d say keeping things in a PG – 13 to soft R rating is acceptable. I don’t mind swearing (I swear all the damn time in my articles), nor do I mind explicit jokes or conversations. However, overly excessive swearing, obscene innuendos, links to inappropriate images (including all the fun bits), or excessive use of racial slurs will be met with immediate action.


-Here’s the thing. I’m a big proponent for developers and manufacturers getting what they deserve. A lot of real people put work into video games, and they deserve compensation for that work regardless of whether or not the overall developer/publisher “deserves” it. That being said, I know not everyone agrees with that sentiment. So, if the topic of piracy comes up, I am not going to intervene or stop it. However, any links to piracy-related websites or downloads will be met with swift justice.


Ultimately, just don’t treat this site like garbage. I’m one person putting a lot of effort into making this, and I hope you understand that I want it to be a great place for gamers and model makers alike to get information. Thank you for reading the terms of use!