Privacy Policy

The Mjolnerd is a personal blog ran by one person. The website strictly exists as a way for said person to spread their garbage opinion on video games, model kits, and whatever else he thinks of across the internet.

The Mjolnerd is a WordPress website hosted by Flywheel, and as such uses Flywheel’s built-in analytics program in order to help with SEO. Essentially, I just see how many people showed up on the site and on what day. I use WordPress’ default comment system, which means any information you provide in the comment field will be visible to myself and whoever else sees the comment. Fortunately, I do not require anyone to provide this information in order to post a comment — readers only need me to approve their first comment before they can post freely and anonymously if they so desire. It is worth mentioning that WordPress does collect the IP address of anyone who comments, however this information is strictly used for organization and statistics on the administrative side of the website and will never be shared with anyone. All information including but not limited to e-mail addresses and names will never be shared or sold by The Mjolnerd.

Should users contact The Mjolnerd, their email addresses, social media accounts, etc. will remain private and will not receive any unsolicited content as a result of their contact. They will receive friendly replies, and further conversation will be left up to the discretion of both parties. All conversation will be kept private.

Reviews of video games, models, and other products are covered under Free Speech. Great effort will be put forth to guarantee everything published will be 100% factual, opinionated, and (hopefully) entertaining. Screenshots and photos taken by the writer are unaltered and are protected by Fair use. Screenshots and images are posted under the guidelines of individual companies if necessary.

Admittedly, The Mjolnerd is still very new, and I’m barely a writer let alone a professional web developer or lawyer. So, all of this information is subject to change when/if I ever figure out what the hell I’m doing.