Monster Hunter World: The Real Party’s Just Getting Started — Adventure Log

The star of today’s episode: Rad Dragons.

So, I beat the game. Roll credits. Cue fanfare. The crowd goes wild. I guess that’s the end of this Adventure Log, right? As it turns out, the “end” of Monster Hunter World isn’t actually the end. In fact, most folks will tell you it’s the real beginning of the game — which means my original review is completely invalid since I apparently never actually started playing according to most folks. Monster Hunter World, if nothing else, will stop at nothing to prove that I’m a big fat liar.

Well, before I get into the ending and what lies beyond, I must regale you with the epic tale that is how I defeated the dragons — the apex predators of Monster Hunter World. That’s kind of the whole point of these pointless articles, isn’t it? So, a lot of Monster Hunter World’s story takes place in the latter half of the game. There’s like, this really rad airship, an old woman that no one cares about (though not for lack of trying on the game’s part), and like, some weird plot about how the New World is actually a graveyard and Zorah Magdaros is there because it wants to die? To be honest, I clocked out after the airship disappeared. I’ve said it before, and I keep saying it much to my own chagrin, but Monster Hunter World’s story is pretty dumb — and not in a good way. Basically, the game ends with the hunters banding together and rerouting Zorah Magdaros away from the New World because… well, you know.

But, why?! You don’t know her! I don’t know her! I don’t even know you! What is your name?!

But, before that, you have to have a bunch of cool fights against dragons so that a talking cat will tell you where all that nonsense can be found (don’t ask). Basically, the player is tasked with becoming the top of the food chain, which means hunting both a Rathalos and a Diablos — a couple of straight badass monsters. The Rathalos fight is actually really cool as a bow main. The fire-breathing wyvern often lands on top of this mountain with four enormous trees sprouting out in a way that emulates the points of a square. As you might know, bow users are the coolest because they can run up walls and do sweet back flips, and it just so happens that players can run up all four of those trees. So, naturally, I did that a lot. The arrows fired from this attack also do a lot of damage, but that’s not nearly as important as the style points you get for it. A lot of the arenas that the battle takes place in offer unique environmental objects that the player can use to attack the dragon like this, such as a dam that players can knock down to cause a waterfall that will sweep the Rathalos off of its feet. It’s just a lot of fun, and is 100% worth playing to the end of the game for. So, what about the Diablos?

I don’t know. I didn’t fight it. I guess I accidentally cheesed the fight, so to speak. When I first went to fight the Diablos, I shot a flare because I remembered it being a tough hunt. Unfortunately, my backup kind of ate through all of our lives and ended the fight prematurely. I don’t entirely remember the thought process that lead to this, but I discovered that you could respond to an SOS flare even if you’ve never defeated a monster before, and ended up joining an ongoing hunt thinking I might save a little time. Keep in mind, I joined before the reward limit was up — meaning the hunt hadn’t even lasted ten minutes yet. As soon as I landed, I got a quick shot of the Diablos dying and was immediately thrust into the throes of the talking cat’s clutches — aka, the cutscene where he tells you where to go. Apparently, I teamed up, or attempted to, with some pretty talented players, because I didn’t even get a chance to move out of the camp before the mission was cleared. I genuinely did not mean to ride on someone’s coattails here — it just kind of happened. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t get a single reward.

Diablos: The coolest thing I still haven’t hunted yet.

That said, I went off and fought Zorah Magdaros. Though, fight is a strong word. The final boss in Monster Hunter World (or, semi-final) is kind of just one big event fight. I bet you could probably just stand there and let the clock run down, and you’d still win. So, it’s pretty uneventful. This means its extra fun that your first set of High Rank armor is obtained by “fighting” this thing like, a billion more times. It actually kind of reminded me of Final Fantasy XIV’s end game (that part I never wrote an Adventure Log entry on). You kind of just grind out the last level of the main game until you have enough components to build this armor — which, other than its obscenely high defense value, is actually kind of awful. It looks pretty rad, though (you should be able to spot it in most of the screenshots here). To make matters worse, the mission is only available at random times, so you can’t actually grind it out. However, this does force you to experience the rest of the High Rank endgame, which is… Well, I get it now. I’m actually playing Monster Hunter World now, guys. And it’s magnificent.

While the fundamental game doesn’t change upon reaching High Rank, Monster Hunter World does mix things up enough that it almost feels like a different game. High Rank armor and weapons have things called decoration slots now, which allow you to customize them with new abilities not found in the initial set of equipment. There’s a merchant ship that will act as a sort of random loot generator for you to sort through. There’s some melding thing that I haven’t really messed around with yet, but it seems to be how you make traps and stuff like that, too. On top of that, Monsters are different now. I’ve only fought a handful at this time, but monsters have a few new moves, their stats have been raised, and they even drop more materials to help make that High Rank gear. Hell, there’s even a horrifying monster called Bazelgeuse who will start showing up to ruin your day — just for fun. I actually managed to get a scale off of him, and now my Palico is rocking some way-overpowered armor. A lot of the new features feel like things that should have been around from the beginning, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to change up a game 25+ hours in if you want players to stick around for another 25 hours at least. That said, I’m not a big fan of your first quest upon entering High Rank.

I’ve noticed a lot of my fights end with me taking a knee. Good thing that knee isn’t taking an arrow. Is that joke still relevant?

It is 100% padding at its finest. Hunters are tasked with finding random piles of stuff left behind by a mysterious monster. Cool, right? It is until you realize the story won’t progress until you fill up a painfully slow research meter first. Oh, and you can totally run into the mystery monster, too. It’s just a different colored Rathian. But finding one, and even hunting it, doesn’t bypass the dreaded meter. It will certainly raise it significantly, but your Hunter will just conveniently forget all about their encounter after you’re back in camp. It’s a really lame way to start what is arguably the best part of the game.

But, that’s where I am now — The best part. So, yeah. As I’ve been saying, I’m really having a blast playing this game again. While the grinding is still ever-present, I haven’t really felt like it’s a chore since I began playing High Rank. That said, I’ve still got a long ways to go before I can say I’m ready for Iceborne. So, I better get cracking.

Gosh. I’m never going to escape these Anjanaths, am I?

But not now. A minor update for the adventure log: I’m not going to be around this upcoming week. So, I’ll likely miss next week’s entry. I’ll be back the week after, but I probably won’t have enough time to play enough Monster Hunter World to warrant a full update. We’ll see, though. Maybe the Pink Rathian fight will be so unbelievably epic that I’ll have to explain every little detail. Anyway. Happy hunting!

I suppose you also fight Odogaron around this time, too, huh? But, uh.. Well..
I defeated him by dropping balls on his face. I’d like to think I’m mature enough to avoid the joke here… But, we all know what I’m thinking.

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