Monster Hunter World: No Bows About It — Adventure Log

I would like to say I was surprised by how much progress I made in a week of playing Monster Hunter World — I didn’t think I would make it past the Anjanath hunt, and yet I made it all the way to the Rotten Vale. But, then I remember that I originally beat the game in less than a week for my review. So, yeah. Actually, I kind of suck.

That said, I’m genuinely having a lot of fun replaying this game. I had said my opinion didn’t really matter in my review for Monster Hunter World because everyone already knew it was a great game — that I was just going to add fuel to the immense fire that was Monster Hunter World hype. But, if ever there was a game that deserved its hype, it really is this one. Often, when I replay a game, I tend to notice flaws more easily or issues that I overlooked — I’m genuinely afraid to touch Red Dead Redemption 2 again because I don’t want to sully my image of that game. But, if anything, I’m just realizing that Monster Hunter World is better than I had originally thought. That’s freaking incredible.

I see you in the back there, Anjanath. Don’t think I don’t know you were planning to ruin my day.

But, it’s not as though I haven’t noticed any new problems in this replay. Specifically, there’s a lot of grinding in this game. Like, an inordinate amount. I realize that’s kind of the point of the game. But, a majority of the 17-ish hours I put into Monster Hunter World this week were dedicated to hunting the same monsters over and over again — and that’s entirely because I’m using the bow.

The bow is definitely a powerful, easy to use weapon. There’s no doubt about that. But, in order to take full advantage of its power, you need to grind for materials so you can build the elemental bows. The bow’s attack power is greatly increased if you have a type advantage over the monster you’re hunting — which is super important when you consider the bow’s base power is among the lowest in the game. I doubt it’s exact, but it seemed like using an advantageous bow-type did about the same damage as critical hits with a normal bow regardless of whether or not you hit a critical area. Basically, if you want to always see those big yellow numbers, you need to earn them… by fighting the Jyuratodos over and over again, so that you can fight the Tobi-Kadachi over and over again, so that you can fight the Legiana over and over again, and so on.

Who is it~?

The other problem to address with the bow is its stamina use — it uses all the stamina. I’m not even making a joke. It will drain your stamina instantly if you aren’t careful. So, you have to do some more grinding to build armor sporting skills that reduce your stamina use. Which, in turn means that the Anjanath hunt is extremely important early on because that sickly fire dinosaur drops materials to build decent mid-game equipment while also providing a set bonus that reduces stamina use when your health is low. Combine that with the materials needed to build the first fire bow and the Anjanath’s relatively low drop rates, and I’m willing to bet half of my time playing this week was spent getting sneezed on by that damn dinosaur — I think I hunted it once for the story in my first playthrough and ignored it for the rest of the game.

Basically, all of this boils down to the bow being slightly more complicated than I expected — though, it is well worth the trouble it causes. But, like I said, I’m having a surprising amount of fun despite that.

I didn’t even know I took this screenshot, but I think it accurately represents what hunting the Anjanath is like.

So, as you can probably guess, I’ve definitely hunted the Anjanath — possibly to extinction at this point. But, I have made it all the way up to the Radobaan in the Rotten Vale. At this rate, I’ll probably be endlessly mining Zorah Magdaros’ back before the end of next week. Unfortunately, there really weren’t too many highlights again, outside of my dinosaur hunting spree. I kind of decimated the Radobaan, I guess. Dragon Piercer mulches its armor up, so I started feeling bad for it part way through. Also, of all things, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku provides really good stamina-boosting armor for the mid-game. So, I fought more than one of those this time around, too. It’s also worth mentioning that the Paolumu, the one monster I figured the bow would be even more overpowered against, was actually really difficult. It’s fast movements and ranged stun attacks make getting a shot on it pretty tough. It’s not easy to dodge its tail slams when you’re recovering from missing a shot, either. While I didn’t fail the hunt, I definitely fainted once or twice. It’s a shame when you consider its stupid-looking hat is actually kind of useful for bow users, too. So, I’m dreading having to go after it again.

I suppose the main thing to disclose about my adventure this week is that, when you aren’t fighting the world’s cutest-yet-horrifying bat, if you do take the time to grind out your elemental bows and other equipment, Monster Hunter World gets super easy. Full charge shots stun and break enemy parts more often, Dragon Piercer does broken amounts of damage if you aim it (and time it) correctly, and doing wall run shots just looks cool regardless of whether or not you do any actual damage. I’d almost be disappointed if I didn’t know that the game was going to get harder soon.

Paolumu — the least conspicuous road block for a bow main

But, that’s Adventure Log. I apologize that going through the main story is a little slow. I didn’t even bother talking about what happens during it — because nothing happens besides the parade of hunts you’re forced to go on in order to progress to the endgame. I literally just met that old lady that your handler is entirely too fond of for no reason, and all I could do was sigh. It’s a good thing that the game is so fun to play, because if Monster Hunter World was a story-driven game, I might have given up then and there. I’m excited to be getting into the dragon hunts this week, though. So, hopefully I’ll have more exciting stories to regale you with soon! Until then, keep hunting!

“I, too, am a hunter,” is kind of how you might sum up the whole First Fleet story line.
When the hell did they add cactuars to Monster Hunter? Am I in an alternative timeline? Are those book titles spelled correctly again?
The Zorah Magdaros fights are actually a really cool part of the story — even if all you do is just fire cannons at it until the game decides you can literally mine its back pimples.
The “I’m not taking any chances against the Tobi-Kadachi” summer look of 2019.
And the, “It’s not a phase, mom. Stamina boosting skills are my life,” look.

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