Monster Hunter World: Hot Pink Blues — Adventure Log

It’s over, Pink Rathian! I have the high ground!

The Pink Rathian is literally the worst part of Monster Hunter World so far. I mean, it’s not necessarily bad — I like hunting dragons in this game. But, the Pink Rathian just has nothing interesting going for it. You fight it in the same arenas as the Legiana in Coral Highlands, and it has the exact same moveset as the regular Rathian. The only real difference is… Well, it’s pink.

Let me back up a little. So, for those just joining us, the Pink Rathian is the first new hunt Monster Hunter World players will tackle after completing the “base” game. Essentially, it’s an enormous, worldwide fetch quest where you have to fill in a research gauge by completing other hunts, finding “mysterious scales,” and generally playing the game. It’s kind of a weird way to introduce players to high rank quests, but I suppose it also encourages you to just have fun and do whatever you want. That said, when you actually start the quest to hunt the Pink Rathian, the sheer repetitive nature of the fight makes it easily the weakest monster in the game. Speaking of weak, it’s also just that. I had no trouble taking it down on my own. I also really haven’t had any desire to hunt it again in order to get any of its… gear, I guess? Even that seems to have similar stats and abilities to the high rank Rathian gear. It’s just generally a disappointing part of the game.

Flip’s sleep hammer (seen in this shot) is genuinely overpowered. At least once a fight, monsters just suddenly pass out.

After defeating the Pink Rathian, you gain access to the Elder’s Recess. This is one of the final areas in Monster Hunter World that players can explore freely, though I have not spent much time there yet. It actually seems like a pretty neat place, but I’m also aware of what it leads to: the long-awaited battle against Nergigante. Even though I have never gotten this far in Monster Hunter World before, I know the Nergigante hunt pretty well due to its infamous reputation of being totally brutal. So, I decided that I would do a little grinding this week in order to be better prepared for the ensuing battle.

The fire bows are slightly more complicated, as there are two trees for them. I went with the “explode everything” option.

Interestingly enough, most of the basic endgame elemental bows are actually accessible at this point. While some certainly take more work to get than others, any bow mains can pretty much set themselves up for the final few hunts at this phase in the game. Though, you do have to get pretty creative. For example, the aforementioned Nergigante is weak to thunder (I’m sorry. I looked it up). The Kadachi Strikebow, which is the strongest thunder-based bow you can get at this point (that I know of, anyway), is actually super-easy to get. You just need to hunt a high rank Tobi-Kadachi for materials and find some Dragonvein Crystal, both of which can be done as soon as you enter high rank. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Snowfletcher Bow, the strongest ice-based bow you can get at this point (not counting bows that require the Free Element skill), requires a lot of high rank Legiana materials. Unfortunately, you can’t actually go on Legiana hunts until after defeating Nergigante. But! There’s a trick.

Water bows are the most simple. They just require you to fight the most terrifying monster in the game: muddy water terrain.

I mean, I say there’s a trick. But it’s really as easy as just opening up the high rank map and seeing if Legiana is hanging around the Coral Highlands or not. If you bring along that Kadachi Strikebow, high rank Legiana is practically easier than its low rank counterpart. In fact, it was around this point that I discovered the ultimate bow attack: using power shot more often. If you get Legiana into a corner, you can bully it into a loop of falling over and over again really easily by spamming power shot and defeat it in just a couple minutes. However, the ultimate prize for doing this isn’t just the Snowfletcher bow.

I’ve probably spent more time in this clearing than any one person should, and I still have no idea what those cats are doing.

As it turns out, Legiana’s high rank armor is pretty okay for bow users, as its set bonus includes Bow Charge Plus, a skill that gives you an extra level of charge to your bow — which raises your attack pretty considerably. While you likely won’t be able to get all five pieces of equipment yet (the chest requires an extremely rare drop more easily obtained in investigations and quests), that Bow Charge Plus skill only needs four pieces to activate. Oh, and all of the armor is around ten points higher in defense than anything else you can get at this point. While I’m not saying all bow users at this level in Monster Hunter World need to farm Legiana spawns, I’m basically saying all bow users should farm Legiana spawns.

And, that’s about where I am right now. I was actually playing earlier today trying to get the last material I needed for the Legiana armor, but I couldn’t get the monster to show up in Coral Highlands after a while, so I decided to take a break and write this. Hopefully, I will have both the armor and a few more elder dragon hunts under my belt next week. Until then, keep hunting!

Hey, man. I was hunting that.

Note: So, the Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta is out right now. I thought about it for a little while, but I decided not to play it. I’d rather play the game when it comes out and see it for myself. I apologize if anyone was interested in seeing my take on it. But, I will definitely cover the full game when it releases. So, don’t worry!
As an aside, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is coming out soon, too. While I would like to say that I’ll be covering that as well, I unfortunately can’t make that promise right now. Compared to when I first started writing those FFXIV articles, I have considerably less free time these days. I just don’t know if I can commit to playing an MMORPG anymore. That said, I’ve been trying to rework my day-to-day schedule. If I can figure out a way that I might be able to complete Shadowbringers in a month or so, I will happily cover it… I mean, I really want to play it regardless. So, I’d just be happy if I could do that, too.

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