Monster Hunter World: Flip of a Coin — Adventure Log

Oh, hey. Guess I should do another Adventure Log. So, I promise that I have actually been considering what game to play for Adventure Log since I finished Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, my original plan was to do a full screenshot let’s play of Trails of Cold Steel when it released on the PlayStation 4. Remember when that game was going to come out, like, several months before it actually did? Yeah. Me, too. Delays aside, I quickly realized a massive, dialogue-heavy JRPG isn’t a great option for someone who spends most of their day studying for exams. Fortunately, I had an epiphany upon viewing the recent reveal trailer for Monster Hunter World Iceborne; I should replay Monster Hunter World.

In my original review for the game, I made the very bold claim that I would “eventually play it again.” It has been almost a year and a half since then, and I have yet to act upon that whim. So, in my attempt to not be labeled as a liar, and also to get some actual content out, I will be revisiting the New World with a brand new character and try to progress far enough into the game so that I might play the Iceborne expansion when it comes out. Rather than just playing the game, though, I figured that I had to do something a little more fun…

I decided that I would design my character and pick its main weapon by flipping a coin. I played through the game originally by pretty much exclusively using the hammer. I thought rather than repeating the same thing, I would leave my weapon of choice completely up to chance. But, before I could do that, I had to see what horrors my attempt at a randomization button for the character creator might bring my way.

Quarter, because why not name someone after a unit of currency?

To start out with, I created my character by flipping a quarter at every option. Essentially, if there were two options, like gender, I’d assign one option heads and the other tails, and for the actual features I just flipped the coin until one option came up heads and chose that one. For sliders, I just had heads be maximum and tails be minimum. This was a recipe for disaster, no doubt. To make matters worse, my flip for gender came up female — folks who know Monster Hunter World’s character creator are probably cringing already. That said, I’m totally floored at how great my character came out. Even my original, “made on purpose” character didn’t look as good as she does. Oh, and I flipped heads on the “no facial hair” option, too. So, yeah. Good on you, quarter. Even the palico ended up looking like a pretty handsome cat with a not-totally-weird coat.

I was ready for a lady with a full beard and a cat that looked like a rainbow puked on it, and I just ended up with a fairly normal looking duo. That said, I did fudge the colors a little bit. Almost everything kept ending up either white or black because of the saturation and brightness sliders being forced to either the max or minimum. So, for the palico, I started my cursor in random spots on the color selector in hopes that maybe I could get at least a little color in there. I might re-approach colors later on, but for now I’m completely satisfied with the results.

And Flip, her companion whose name is also derived from my lack of ability to name things real good.

Now for my weapon of choice, or rather, chance. There are fourteen weapon types in the game, but my quarter only has two sides. So, I created a tournament bracket. That’s right! This Adventure Log has a tournament arc, and it’s already over! Like with the character creator, I assigned heads and tails to two somewhat randomized choices (I wrote the weapon-types in the order I remembered them), and whichever one won moved on to the next round. I ultimately ended up with three weapons: Bow, Dual Swords, and Gunlance. By some freak chance, bow came up the winner in every way I attempted to split up the three options, so I suppose that makes me a bow main for this playthrough. That said, I did actually use Bow a fair amount as my original character, so I decided to also include Dual Swords, a weapon I never touched, as a backup for rainy days (or if I just get bored of the Bow’s somewhat limited move pool).

And, yeah. That’s the overly complicated way I created my character. As I said, I did use Bow with my original character. In fact, it was what I specifically used for dragon hunts. But, I never explored beyond the dragon tree as far as upgrading is concerned, nor did I ever get into the ammo crafting aspect of the weapon. So, I am excited to learn more about the Bow — and to maybe explore Dual Swords a little bit as well. Also, beyond creating my character, I also completed the first hunt. It wasn’t particularly exciting, nor did anything noteworthy happen. But, I figured if I’m reporting everything here, I might as well say that the Great Jagras has been slain… as have several others. They’re kind of an unfortunate monster, aren’t they?

You almost feel bad for the Great Jagras in this game. Almost.

For now, that’s Monster Hunter World. I intend to play about an hour or so every day, and report in once a week on any highlights. Like I said earlier, the main focus of this Adventure Log will be trying to reach the endgame before Iceborne releases in September. So, I’ll likely just be following the story quests for the first few weeks before I get into any of the super fun stuff. Otherwise, that’s it. Hope to see you next week!

Oh, man! It’s Matthew Mercer. High five me next to this rad dinosaur fight!

General update: I’m sorry for how little I’ve updated the website recently. I’ve been busy with studying, but that’s not a great excuse for completely ignoring the website for so long. So, yeah. I have been brainstorming ideas for less-involved articles that will still be interesting for the website. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of my reviews, so I’ve been coming up with a new way to approach them that I’ll be testing out in the near future (I’ve been playing the Danganronpa Trilogy, so I’m planning to use all three games to mess around with it). As for model kits, I’m considering just doing build and paint logs rather than reviews, too. I haven’t picked any up recently, but I’ve got a backlog of High Grade kits that I’d like to paint. So, hopefully I’ll start working on those soon, too! Anyway. I have a few months left on my hosting this year, and I’d like to figure out a way to make the cost worthwhile beyond “Hey, it looks good on my resume that I sort of have my own website.” I don’t expect to become famous or anything, but I’d be happy to share it with some like-minded folks who appreciate my off-brand humor and wretched writing. Thank you for reading!

A new challenger has appeared! Will Quarter and Flip be able to defeat the Pukei-Pukei? Tune in next week!

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