About The Mjolnerd

The Mjolnerd is a website dedicated to bringing its readers unbiased reviews and editorials on video games and gunpla. Sometimes I might even look cool doing it.

Behind The Mjolnerd is me, Matthew Baucum. You may recognize me as that guy who said The Witcher 3 was a sleeper hit (it was) and caused a minor controversy on Reddit, or you might recognize me as the guy who quietly disappeared after joining several websites that did not really care for him or his voice. The reason The Mjolnerd exists is because I don’t want to be that Yes-Man anymore. I want to write what I want and write it however the hell I want to. I don’t want to be the guy who follows style guides and listens to his editor, I want to be that guy who causes controversy and creates conversation.

More than that, I ultimately want The Mjolnerd to become a haven for new and hopeful writers. After several years of writing about games and entertainment, I have only been paid in “exposure.” This is incredibly insulting to all writers, and I won’t have it. I will not let anyone write for The Mjolnerd without being properly compensated for their work. Seeing as I can barely afford to run this website, however, I will be the sole writer and contributor for the time being. If I reach the point where I can hire another writer, social media expert, or what have you, I will happily reach out to you guys to find someone fit for the role.

Other than that, please enjoy your time at The Mjolnerd!



Adventure Log — The Adventure Log is a chronicle of my time playing Final Fantasy XIV, a notoriously difficult MMORPG to break into. Using my perspective as a single player gamer, I will discuss the various features and mechanics I encounter and whether or not it really is that difficult to enjoy as someone who prefers other titles in the series. At this time, I am still working on Final Fantasy, but perhaps in the future I will cover other MMORPGs or extremely long video games.

Video Game Reviews — These are pretty self-explanatory. I give my opinions on video games.  As far as review scores go, I run things a little differently here. The Mjolnerd operates under the Good-Bad Review formula. If a game is good, I will say it’s good. Likewise, if a game is bad, it will be named thus. Should a game be exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, they will be called great and awful respectively. Anything in between will just be okay. What this does is place emphasis on the body of the review as opposed to just the score.

I want you guys to read my reviews and understand my thought process when analyzing a game– not just see a number that ultimately means absolutely nothing. I like to think I have some well thought out opinions, you know!

Gunpla Reviews — Despite being an increasingly popular hobby, the online presence of Gunpla builders is surprisingly scarce. Obviously, I decided to get in on this action before it became over-saturated and start my own review business. Jokes aside, Gunpla is short form for Gundam Plastic Model Kits. You may be asking what these have to do with videos games… I love building Gunpla, and actually really want to share some of my creations with the world.  What sets me apart from other builders online, however, is that I completely suck at it. I’m barely an amateur. But, I think it might be fun to watch some fool on the internet bumble his way to greatness. So, hey. Let me know what you think of that!

As for the review results, I will be using the Good-Bad formula with each separate aspect of model kits: posing, solidity, etc. I will also be judging just how “BS” the model is — every kit comes with a level of frustration that just makes you want to curse every piece you put together. I find that, unless a kit is exceptionally bad, no one really mentions anything annoying. For example, the Real Grade Exia is pretty universally loved by everyone. But, it has some incredibly tiny pieces that are difficult to cut out and even harder to keep in place. As such, it’s my goal to point out the “What?” and the “Son-of-a..!” moments of model kit building.

Editorials — If you actually know about that reddit incident mentioned above, you know that I got my start writing online as an editorial writer — something that I have unfortunately been lead away from over the past few years by my editors. But, screw that. If I come up with an interesting idea, I am going to write about it. These will be opinion pieces on various aspects of the gaming and model kit worlds. The keyword is opinion, as I tend to have some pretty radical ideas. I really enjoy the conversations these create, and I am always open to having my mind change. So feel free to chime in with comments and insults!

News-wise, I probably won’t cover much news. To be honest, you can’t sneeze on the internet without running into a video game news site. Sure, some of them offer a unique approach, but they are all ultimately telling the same story about the same new trailer.  Unless there is something incredibly interesting going on, like say a surprising or exciting announcement at E3 or PAX, I probably won’t cover it. I just don’t see a point in retreading water.